This Itch

I have to confess that I have a #firstworldproblem.  I am so ready to have a house that it’s not even funny.  This apartment is nice, but it does not have the things that we need. There is this dream of having a house with an over-sized two-car garage so there is room for storage.  Inside, there is a room for the dining table and there has to be a kitchen that is spacious for two people to work in comfortably.  There needs to be a family room for sitting (and entertaining?).  Upstairs, of course, would have at least three bedrooms (four would be ideal for an office/ scrapbooking room) , one of which is the master with a (decent) walk-in closet and master bathroom. Downstairs though, that’s where everything will happen; a little home theater set-up with a bar at the back of the room with a small kegerator. There are neighbors next door, but they aren’t too close so you don’t have to worry about them overhearing your conversations and vice- versa.

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But let’s be real, you can’t beat apartment life. There is no worry of needing to clear the sidewalk or driveway of snow and there is someone cuts the grass for us. It is a small enough place that the electric and heating bills are not outrageous and the water bill is a set rate for the complex and we don’t have to pay for garbage or recycling services.  The rent goes up little by little but it still beats the cost of a mortgage.  I found the right time to do laundry so I can do two-loads of wash at a time and get things done in the apartment as well.  It just feels like we are running out of room here and the neighbor’s just get nosier and nosier as time goes on.

Perhaps it is just because I’m getting older and it is what society says a mid-twenty something should do. I graduated college, I got married, I got a new car, now it’s either a house or babies… but (my husband and I) we’re choosing- neither.

Lying to Myself

I have this urge.  All I want to do is get on an airplane.  I don’t care where it is going, I just want to get out of here and see the world.  I never imagined myself  being able to see the world, but now that I have completed one international trip and the second one is planned, it’s all I want to do.   I don’t want to get up every morning and go to work. I would rather get up and go explore a new city… but my bank account couldn’t handle that.

Of course it doesn’t help that my preschool class has started a unit on culture and  we are traveling across the globe learning about different languages, foods, clothing and housing.  The pictures do not do justice to what this world holds. Pretending to fly on an airplane to go to the new country does not give justice to that feeling of anticipation about what is in store there.  I know… they’re just preschoolers.  But if we can instill in them , at such a young age, to start embracing the world for what it is, instead of what society says it is, wouldn’t it be a much better place?

How to trust a Liar

We all have at least one person that comes to mind when you read the title, the question is, how do you learn to stop judging and start trusting the liar?  Quite honestly?  You don’t. You can try to make light of the situation and try to understand where the person is coming from, but trusting them??  Eh- not happening.

I struggle with this daily- I work in a team and one of us is an avid liar. It takes a lot of breathing and letting sh*t roll off my shoulders for me to be the bigger person, to be the adult, and to be empathetic towards the person.  I have lost friends in my personal life because I stopped interacting with the lies, how the hell am I supposed to work with it?

It truly is insanity, day in and day out; like honestly, you want me to believe you today based on what you said last week?  Your statements contradict each other.  Let’s get one thing straight… if you are going to lie, make sure it is f*cking flawless. Keep your stories straight, especially when you are telling five adults different things and there are 20 kids hearing you say another… you know that kids say and repeat the funniest things right?

The day-in- the- life of a habitual liar

Day 1

  • Gray Rolled Asphalt Road With Cumulus Clouds during DayBeginning of the work day- starting limping around and coughing
  • Around lunch time- excuse yourself to use the bathroom because your stomach feels weird
  • End of the day- make it through the day, but make it look rough

Day 2

  • Beginning of the day- act normal
  • Lunch time- act normal
  • End of the day- act normal

Day 3

  • Beginning of the day- act normal
  • Mid-morning- you better pull out that limp
  • Lunch time- really massage your back because you’ve been fake limping all morning
  • End of the day- forget about your limp and act normal

Day 4

  • Beginning of the day- uh-oh, watch out! Your cough came back and it brought a headache
  • Mid-morning- try not to have too much energy
  • Lunch time- rub your head because the headache just won’t go away
  • Break time- text your team and let them know you need an extra 30 minutes because you’re feeling sick
  • End of the day- your limp comes back

Day 5White Paper With Note

  • 10 minutes before your start time, text your team and let them know you’ve had diarrhea all night and you won’t be in that day. Be sure to say that you’re sorry for the inconvenience. I mean, after all, you are getting a much needed three- day weekend to recover from whatever sickness you have.
  • **Side Note: When you go back to work the next week, be sure to talk about being sick all weekend and how terrible you felt, maybe your team and other co-workers will believe you.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I don’t have time for other people’s sh*t.

Let’s Talk Resolutions

I have officially completed the first full week of 2018 at home and at work… and it sucked.  It is always hard going back to work, knowing that there are absolutely zero holidays that we have off until Memorial Day in May. That’s five months away- I don’t have the patience for that; where’s the breathing room?

Home though, is a different story.  My husband and I have so many exciting adventures planned this year and I can’t wait for them to get here! In lieu of these plans, come our so-called resolutions.

  1. Lose weight and eat healthier
  2. Be more budget conscious
  3. Weekly blogs
  4. Find a new job
  5. Travel and enjoy the experience!

So let’s talk…. Losing weight and eating healthier has been a long term goal for as long as I can remember. This past year though has been a struggle for me; though I haven’t gained much weight, I don’t like feeling sluggish during the day and I don’t like feeling snug in my clothing.  I need to be heathier and get into better shape so that traveling is more enjoyable and so that at the end of the year… we can get a dog!  I know it sounds dumb, losing weight to get a dog, but it is a good motivator right?!

Being more budget conscious is a must for us.  It is so easy to pull out the credit card, insert the chip and be on your merry way. It is too convenient and that is what makes the industry thrive. Based on my 2017 monthly budget, I need to start writing down what my credit card is allowing me to spend.

Weekly blogs…. That’s the ultimate goal. It gives me something to do in all honesty. I enjoying writing and sharing my thoughts and sometimes it is just easier to speak through writing than it is to speak out loud.  Once I get into the swing of weekly blogs, maybe, just maybe, I will start to do an extra blog about one of my side hobbies  or about traveling.

Finding a new job has been on my “to-do” list for sometime, but I am stuck in a rut of my amazing human services bachelor degree. The degree isn’t paying for itself and it’s my own damn fault; I can either stay in the job I have right now (which I love) that doesn’t pay much or figure out a way to land a job that I have no experience in (but need to have previous experience in order to apply for it).  The WORST THING about job hunting is needing to have experience to get the job, but not being able to get experience because you cant apply for the job.  What a double standard! I mean honestly, how the hell are you supposed to get anywhere in this world if you aren’t able to experience!  I want to get into social work, has been my goal from the start, but my application gets looked over because I have only ever been in the early education field. I know, that somewhere out there, I will land a new job that challenges me and motivates me each day…let’s just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

Travel!!!! Is obviously happening when my husband and I go to Japan! But there are so many more places that we want to visit before we “settle down.” I never even considered or was interested in traveling before, nor did I have the financial means to. But my word, I was missing out on so much! I have learned many new things and I have only been to London; I have yet to experience a full “culture shock” where I have little understanding of the language and I have the opportunity to try new and different foods.Happy New Year Decorative Plate

I guess resolutions aren’t that bad of a thing, if you can actually stick to them…. It’s only a matter of time before I break one of them.  After all, who can resist cheesecake or pizza or pasta??

I do have to give a huge shout out to the wonderful Bombcyclone, which brought negative wind chills, no snow, chapped lips and dry, cracked skin. Happy New Year everyone!


Dreams or Reality

Free stock photo of tree, design, color, decorationI have a huge love hate relationship with my job, but doesn’t everybody?  I’m like any other lazy American who would like to work from home in their pajamas, make enough money to “live comfortably” and still make a difference in society.  I can dream about having a small beach house that I can escape to any time of the year when I need a break from my job.  I can dream about having a nice house that has enough room for a family of four and two dogs. I can dream that all of our school loans are paid and we don’t owe on the car.  But let’s face it, what type of world would that be?

If I didn’t have the little stresses of life, there would be no figuring out the next Panorama of a City during Night Timestep. I would not have the fun of planning what needs completed next. I would not be as excited for the extra day off work or the short weekend getaways with my husband.  My dream sounds great; it’s perfect. But let’s face it, if we always lived in a dream, we would miss out on life’s little surprises; they wouldn’t be as fun.

This is Our Society

I don’t do politics.  I do vote, but I always listened to what those around me said and I voted for who they wanted.  This past year, I voted who I thought would be the best of the two candidates.  I thought maybe, just maybe, our country had some common sense and would be logical.  What the f*ck is wrong with our country?   I have never wanted to live in a society where it is okay to grab a women’s pussy and it is legal to violate their body.  I have never wanted to live in a society that is openly racist and promotes discrimination.  I have never wanted to live in a society that accepts and supports lies.  I have never wanted to live in a society where an uneducated businessman would be running our country and making enemies with every statement he makes. Don’t get me wrong, I know that being the President is not an easy job, but seriously?!?Free stock photo of wood, writing, typography, wooden

I don’t want to raise kids in this society. You can’t watch the news without there being a hate crime or more discrimination coming from our nation’s so-called leader. We have to raise our kids to be kind, loving and accepting in a society that is teaching them everything against that. We have to teach them how to handle their emotions and that what their parents tell them to do is okay at home but not at school. It is exhausting. Then I go home and think about the future; I want kids, but not in this society.  They will need to accept who they are and then share what they have learned with others and hopefully it will make an impact.  I know my husband and I can’t protect them from what society says, but we can try.  We can teach them right from wrong, truth from lies, kind from evil, when to stand up for himself and when to peacefully walk away. We can teach them everything we have learned, but society will show them differently.  I hate politics.


International Transportation

Use and NO this is NOT sponsored by them.  My husband and I use them all the time; it does not matter if we are booking an international trip or just a small weekend getaway, we use them.  We have never been dissatisfied with them and we get great rates!  Expedia allows you to book just a hotel room or bundle your hotel and flight together.  First you select the dates you want to go and then you pick a hotel room and then the flight time to go and the flight time to come home- Easy right?

Train Rails PhotographyWRONG!!!!  When you go international, you need to figure out transportation from the airport to your hotel.  When you want to start exploring you need to figure out transportation for each day of your exploration as well. When we selected our hotel, we Google Mapped where the closest train station was and which lines we would have to use to get to each place we wanted to visit.  As for the airport, we had to consider the time of day and how to book the transportation or what time it could pick us up from the airport.  When you book, you have to keep in mind that you will be exhausted from the flight and time change when you arrive.  You need to consider that you will have to carry a suitcase and a carryon with you from the airport to your hotel- so sure you could walk a mile to catch the train and jump three trains to get to your stop, but who wants to do that with their luggage in tow and energy low?

We’re Going to Japan!!!!

Red and Brown Castle Landscape Photography

My husband and I just booked our two-week vacation to Japan!  I am so excited and nervous and ready for this trip!  This trip has been a long time coming and we have so much we need to prepare for; language, directions, places to visit, culture acceptance and flight length.  Booking the trip was easy, but now comes the hard part.  I need to dive into the Japanese culture and gain a better understanding of what they find acceptable; I need to know how to roam the streets and how to respect the temple practices.

One of the things I find most exciting is that I am the one who does not know the language; I need to learn the most basic phrases so that I can get around.  Here in good old York, PA, I find that so many local people get frustrated when they come across someone who does not speak English. They are annoyed that they can’t understand the person…I know that I am guilty of that.  This upcoming trip of mine allows me to be the person who speaks a different language and now I have to try to convey my message to someone who speaks another language.  I know that it won’t be nearly the same as the Japanese are definitely more polite than the Americans, but still, it is a thought in my mind.

Needless to say, I am super excited to share this journey with you!  There will be plenty to talk and learn about.  Learning the language will be the most challenging and exciting part of this journey, followed by learning the culture “norms” and finding the “best tourist attractions” to visit.

I NEVER Sat on a Baby!

I am a preschool teacher.  My classroom consists of three teachers and 20 energetic, three and four year olds moving around, five days a week.  And NO it is NOT BABYSITTING.  We are learning and growing in so many different ways.  I am so tired of people thinking we are just glorified babysitters, which I will admit, is how it feels some days, but that is beside the point.  When I step into the classroom each day I become someone totally different than who I am at home.  At home I am the wife, lover, daughter and sister.  When I step into the classroom, I am the role model, boo- boo healer, playdough maker and problem solver.

I make sure the children are safe and cared for before me. Let’s be honest here- there are so many different codes that teachers need to remember so they can spring into action to keep children safe.  If there were an active shooter in the building, you better bet that I get all 20 children safely hidden and quiet.  What they see is a game of hide and seek, where their teacher stands by the door.  What they do not know is that on the other side of the door is a potential danger.  They don’t know that one of the many thoughts going through my mind is “There is a lousy wooden door between me and a potential shooter and I am NOT going to die at work.”  Needless to say, teachers really do not get enough credit for their job title.

I know that there are so many more things that all teachers do throughout the day, but who has time to go into all of that detail?  In the end, what I want     everyone to remember is…. I NEVER SAT ON A BABY!!!  I mean, the thought has crossed my mind when I want children to lay still at nap time, but don’t parents think the same thing too?  Image result for public domain pictures kid

Who I Am

Blogging is supposed to be a way to share your experience and opinions with others… so here goes nothing.  I am a small town girl who lived in the same house her entire life until I married my husband.  Mind you, I came from a family who does not think outside of the box and who struggles to see both sides of the story.  I still carry that with me, but I have a new perspective on life and I owe that to my husband.  He helped me to see the other side of the story and it has made me a better… wife, daughter, sister, teacher, friend, traveler… person.

My blogs are going to reflect everything about me and they will be short of boring.  There are so many things that I have experienced for the first time and so many things that I have done for years. I love to organize, yet be flexible and lazy.  I enjoy the structure of knowing what is going to happen, yet traveling creates many unopened doors.  I could care less about style and make up, but I enjoy putting make up on and occasionally buying ( I have to be in the shopping and money spending mood) new  clothing.  I see the big picture, but love working on the pieces to get there.  I need things explained to me over and over again because I don’t understand and my husband gets tired of repeating himself when I don’t remember (which is very often).

My blogs are going to reflect the very imperfect person that I am; I expect perfection when I do a task and I will tire myself out so that I know tasks are done right (meaning my way). It’s crazy and stupid, but it’s me. So with that being said, if you like it- read on, if you don’t…well… thanks for reading this far.  Oh…and be prepared for sarcasm…it is a life necessity.